A Catalogue of Simple Pleasures (Card Deck)

A Catalogue of Simple Pleasures (Card Deck)

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“A Catalogue of Simple Pleasures” is a crowdsourced collection of life’s small joys.

They’re the seemingly minor experiences that are ultimately at the heart of being human. The quiet moments that fade away if you try to look at them directly. Many can be experienced immediately in the present moment. We just have to remember.

This project began in 2018 as a channel on Are.na. This particular collection presents 52 of the abundant “simple pleasures” that have been submitted to date. The publication takes form as a set of cards to preserve the project’s spirit of openness and flexibility.

Edition of 300. Each deck contains 55 cards inside a simple cardboard case. The cards measure 3.5'' × 2.5'' with rounded corners. Design by Megan Pai. Printed by Oddi Sales. ISBN 979-8-218-27128-2.

This gift is a collaboration between Alex Singh & Are.na. Special thanks to the many co-creators and contributors of the project.

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