Annual 2020
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The Annual is a printed book about the past, present, and future of the Internet, with republished essays from the blog and five new, never-before-published pieces. Alongside a three-part essay “When It Changed” on witnessing the backlash against the corporate-owned Internet, the writings in the book explore and celebrate the creative, poetic, and personal potential of the web.

135 pages, b/w, paperback.
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Featuring essays from:

- Mimi Onuoha
- Will Freudenheim 
- Mindy Seu
- Claire Evans
- David Reinfurt
- Gary Zhexi Zhang
- Cory Arcangel
- Rachel Rosenfelt
- Meg Miller
- Toph Tucker
- Jasmine Lee
- Laurel Schwulst
- Becca Abbe
- Eric Li
- Danielle Robinson
- Andy Pressman
- Omayeli Arenyeka 
- Leo Shaw
- Karly Wildenhaus 
- Willa Koerner

Cover by David Reinfurt, edited by Meg Miller. Illustrations submitted via Community Garden.