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**Update Dec 23rd**
The first batch shipping in January is sold out (thank you!). Given the overwhelming response we decided to print another run right away. Orders placed from December 23rd will be shipped in February 2020.

The Annual is a printed book about the past, present, and future of the Internet, with republished essays from the
blog and five new, never-before-published pieces. Alongside a three-part essay “When It Changed” on witnessing the backlash against the corporate-owned Internet, the writings in the book explore and celebrate the creative, poetic, and personal potential of the web.

135 pages, b/w, paperback.
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Featuring essays from:

- Mimi Onuoha
- Will Freudenheim 
- Mindy Seu
- Claire Evans
- David Reinfurt
- Gary Zhexi Zhang
- Cory Arcangel
- Rachel Rosenfelt
- Meg Miller
- Toph Tucker
- Jasmine Lee
- Laurel Schwulst
- Becca Abbe
- Eric Li
- Danielle Robinson
- Andy Pressman
- Omayeli Arenyeka 
- Leo Shaw
- Karly Wildenhaus 
- Willa Koerner

Cover by David Reinfurt, edited by Meg Miller. Illustrations submitted via Community Garden.